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With their business divisions Wien Energie (Vienna energy services), Wiener Linien (Vienna public transport), Bestattung Wien (Vienna funeral services) and Wiener Beteiligungsmanagement (Vienna investment management), Wiener Stadtwerke greatly contributes to the functioning of the city of Vienna and the quality of life of its inhabitants. At the same time, Wiener Stadtwerke is one of the largest employers in Austria with 15,000 employees. It is also vital for the economy of the country with investments of about Euro 748 million in 2008.
According to a regularly conducted international study, Vienna is among the cities with the highest quality of life in the European Union. This is in great part thanks to Wiener Stadtwerke and their safe energy supply and services, which are provided at competitive prices and with a focus on environmental relevance. They also supply high-capacity public transport, which ensures mobility within the city. Future-oriented real estate projects parallel the city’s growth and guarantee a holistic and sound urban development.