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SWISS TOWN CONSULT develops projects at infrastructural nodes in the international urban civil engineering sector as well as in the area of renewable energies. Our policy is: We develop. We optimize. We realize.

SWISS TOWN CONSULT actively takes part in project development.
SWISS TOWN CONSULT carries out the whole project development management and optimizes the general framework and individual development steps.
SWISS TOWN CONSULT realizes the technical side of projects until their final implementation.

Develop and implement in a way that is economically successful.
Plan and realize sustainably and in line with market requirements.

These aims define the actions and considerations of SWISS TOWN CONSULT. There are the basis for previous successes and guide us on our way in the future.
SWISS TOWN CONSULT provides the following services, either alone or with partners, but always with a distinct sense of responsibility for people and the environment:

Project development management (PDM), technical project management (TPM) and and general planning services (GPL) in the following areas: